February 20, 2007

Your Now is My Surroundings

That's me inside an Olafur Eliasson installation in the Margulies Collection. The work is titled Your Now is My Surroundings. A door inside the gallery leads you outside to a deep and narrow box of a space. The high walls are covered with mirrors above eye level that reflect the viewers' image infinitely. The skylight above is only covered by a drainpipe construction in a zigzag pattern that resembles water waves. It lets the air in. The sky is like a bright canopy on top of a dark box. Inside the installation you feel like you are immersed in the depths of the ocean looking up to the sky above. The day I was there it was a bright sunny day with few clouds. On a rainy day you could probably feel like you were lost deep in the dark ocean (and wet!).

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