June 01, 2007

Apocalypse Now

Another artist that was shown in the Contact Photography Festival in Toronto was Simen Johan, a Norwegian now based in New York. He presented his large-scale photography of animals in apocalyptic landscapes. Apparently the title references a prayer: "Thy kingdom come, thy will be done..."

In the above picture you see two moose locking antlers as parakeets fly about. The animals are taxidermy forms inserted into picturesque landscapes - a constructed image, the theme of the festival this year - The background looks like a deserted land, devoid of any human life, where the last things remaining are the animals shown. Don't despair though, because it looks like there is hope. When the fight produces a victor, new life will start forming.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I do enjoying the arts you posted. Thank you. They are so beautiful even though I do not understand about art. I just feel it from my heart. Thank you for posting. I am female who do yoga and martial art. The two are arts too, right?


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting. You do a great job. They are so beautiful.