July 15, 2009

Venice Biennale

The Russian Pavillion was one of the most engaging, and certainly the boldest in the Biennale. There was no room for quiet contemplation here. An installation by Alexei Kalima, Victory Over the Future, was in a room painted with figures of an audience on all four walls, accompanied by a cheering sound that got louder by every second. And all of a sudden, Boom!
Play the video below with sound on high.

The installation made viewers feel like they were on a stage in front of a huge live audience, in a concert or a soccer game. It gave the viewer a sense of unease and excitement at the same time. When the lights came on and the audience disappeared out of vision, your 15 seconds of fame was up. The fantasy all disappeared in a second and made the viewer crave for more and want to stay for another cycle of this looping video.

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