July 20, 2009

Venice Biennale

In the Arsenale, the Making Worlds exhibit continues. Swedish artist Jan Hafstrom has an installation, The Eternal Return, inspired by his own collections of newspaper clippings from America in the '60s.

In an experiential installation, Falke Pisano takes the viewer through a series of rooms, each painted with a different primary color of the rainbow. Viewers are immersed in a flood of color as they walk through the rooms. A computer screen that changes color in each room adds contrast and heightens the visual sensation.

A German Pop Art piece by Thomas Bayrle follows. A graphical pattern made out of a series of Chrysler logos makes out the silhouette of a Chrsyler car. It is pure optical stimulation.

Little blimps by Hector Zamora add whimsy to the space. His blimps of all sizes are all over the city of Venice during the biennale, adding a historical reference and an element of fantasy at the same time.

Toward the end of the warehouse space in the Arsenale, a work by Spencer Finch tries to recreate his observations of light and color.

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