September 30, 2011

Eyeball Massage

Hayward Gallery in London currently has an exhibition by Swiss artist Pipilotti Rist. The show presents an immersive experience with video projected on walls, layers of sheer screens draped from ceilings and on the floor, accompanied by ambient music.

At the entrance there is a light installation with video projected on pieces of underwear which were given to Rist by her family and friends.

The entrance gallery features an installation where a model of a suburban home is set against a wall covered with a collage of packaging material in white. On this wall images of buildings and trees are projected. On the window of the suburban home (not pictured) another projection reveals what is going on inside in somewhat unexpected ways, in conflict with the calm and bland impression of the setting itself.

The next set of images are from the same looping video that is projected onto 3 adjacent walls surrounding the viewer. Viewers lie back on cushions on the floor to experience this video that takes them into Rist's imagination. Her work often features the female body which she seeks to liberate through her work. 
The section below shows bright, saturated colors to create a visual environment that envelopes the viewer. Rist's camera gets very close to its subjects as if its  researching each subject down to its finest detail.

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