October 20, 2011

Black Mirror

Doug Aitken has a film installation called Black Mirror, at the Victoria Miro Gallery in London. The film stars Chloë Sevigny, travelling across the desert, on a beach and what looks like Mexico, in constant motion and engaged in short snippets of communication, representative of the fast pace of contemporary life. In this video, Aitken tries to create a landscape where despite the hectic pace of life the viewer tries to find a connection through the familiar images of the airport terminal, the hotel lobby and the car rental kiosk.

The multi-channel film projection itself is viewed inside a small structure with its walls covered with tinted mirrors. They create multiple reflections which magnify the impact.
I recorded scenes from the video in 2 parts as below.

The exhibition also has a series of light boxes and wall-based text works featuring iconic words, numbers or dates - One, Utopia, Riot, 1968, 1980 - referencing historical moments through the use of commercial signage as a medium.

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