January 12, 2012

Future Map 11

Future Map is the annual exhibition of artists graduating from the University of London. It is hosted by the Zabludowicsz Collection. This year presented a wide range of art, industrial design and fashion design projects. I wanted to highlight one artist whose work I found the most compelling.

Karin Soderquist, a Swedish artist exhibited 3-dimensional illustrations telling the story of two sisters taking a trip to the North Pole. From a distance, this work, with its pastel colors and cartoonish figures, looks innocent and tells a folk tale that starts innocently, but ends in a tragic scene.

In the first scene you see the girls leaving their home and their parents.

In the second scene, the sisters are on a boat on top of wild waves.

In the final scene the viewer encounters a camp site with a polar bear and a tent. Upon close inspection the viewer notices what's inside the bear. The sisters have met their tragic end. This dark ending gives the piece tension and emotional weight.

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